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By Antony Christoforou on 21/07/2016

HA2 United Kingdom

1) CAR - BASIC MAINTENANCE COURSE full notes etc. Devised by me for vocational college female students
intending or about to take their driving test and interested in knowing a bit about their car.
2) BARBER'S HAIR TOOLS KIT. Includes most of the essential needs to get going or boost existing.
3) MEMORABILIA OF DIANA'S (Princess of Wales) life and unfortunate demise.
4) MEMORABILIA OF AUSTRALIA from a 3 year stay on the memorable continent.

A detailed description available on request. Phone 0208 863 1862 anytime. or email at tony.christoforou@yahoo.co.uk

4 available


Antony is willing to swap: Kodak carousel 35 mm. slide projector as my first choice for the lot, individuals ones or just give away regardless any items to collector from my home.

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